FanPop Interview: Actress Marie Stark Opens Up about New Sci-Fi Indie Film ‘Dream’ Produced by Emmy-Award Winner Robi Reed

It’s not always easy to get your message across without saying a word. But, that’s what actress Marie Stark does in the new indie short film “Dream.” 

This sci-fi silent film comes from writer-director Caiden Reed and was produced by Emmy-winning casting director Robi Reed along with Doran Reed. It tells an origin story of a young man who gains superpowers after a bizarre accident. Marie portrays his love interest, desperate to reunite after the accident and unaware that unforeseen forces are working to keep them apart.

A Texas native, Marie first started performing at Town and Country Playhouse and dancing for the NBA D-League Association. Since moving to Los Angeles, she has made supporting appearances in film and TV projects, such as “Black Boots” and “November Rule”; and as a host on the BET Networks “P.S. The BET Post Show.”

I recently caught up with Marie Stark to find out more about “Dream.”

Tell us about your role in “Dream.”

MARIE: My character, Harriet, is the leading lady and love interest to lead Christopher Glenn Jr.’s character, Caiden. Without giving too much away, Harriet desperately wants to see Caiden because he is in the hospital and she ultimately fears the worst. By the end of the film you will see the real reason why she is unable to see him and how everything comes together. “Dream” showcases the young and older Caiden at different stages in his life. He experiences super powers and forces that he tries to accept and ultimately navigate through. 

How was it to work with ‘Team Reed’?

MARIE: Working with Emmy-Award winner Robi Reed was so amazing because she pays attention to detail and knows exactly what and who works best for a role. She’s a living legend. Working with Doran Reed and Caiden Reed was such a great experience. Caiden is definitely a star director and will be the one to watch. ‘Team Reed’ is definitely a powerhouse of great talent. 

Was it challenging to convey the story without using any dialogue?

MARIE: It was actually very exciting. I was thrilled at the opportunity to stretch and expand creatively. As an actress, I think it’s always important to take risks and trust your instincts. Since the story didn’t have any physical dialogue, I was able to fully use my imagination and make bold choices. 

Any interesting stories from the set you can share with us?

MARIE: I get a lot of questions on how I did the bus scene. Although it may have looked effortless, we literally did it in one take and it was the last bus for the evening. We knew we had to get this take because it was pertinent to the overall story. Once we completed the take the entire crew was cheering me on and relieved that not only did I not fall but I didn’t miss the bus!

What’s the biggest lesson you learned from working on this project?

MARIE: Just fully trust your instincts. The film was a silent film and I didn’t feel fear or apprehension because we had no dialogue. When you fully dive in to whatever challenges you may face, you soon realize what you are made of and that you can truly accomplish anything you set your mind to. We pushed ourselves and we challenged ourselves. We are all better filmmakers because of it. 

And, now just for fun:

Who’s your favorite actor/actress?

MARIE: My favorite actor is Denzel Washington. Denzel has such an alluring presence on screen. He fully commits to each role and all of his performances- from “Malcom X” to “Roman J. Israel, Esq.” are compelling and brilliant. 

What role from the past do you wish you could have played?

MARIE: I have always had this philosophy that what you are meant to play, you will play. I believe every character, every role, has the right person out there to do it. What I will say is every film and show I have loved and seen over the years, the actors that played them were always perfect for the role. 

Favorite movie or TV show from your childhood.

MARIE: My favorite TV show from my childhood would have to be “Degrassi.” It was a Canadian drama series that I absolutely loved. All of the characters had depth and relatability in some way. Literally by the end of each episode I would be on the edge of my seat! 

Tell us one thing that would surprise our readers to learn about you.

MARIE: I’m pretty good at accents. I can go from British to Dominican (Caribbean) to just name it - in a heartbeat. I love dancing, too. I danced for the NBA D-League Association. 

How can fans keep up with you?

MARIE: You can keep up with me @TheMarieStark on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also check out my website: